Mar 31: Thank you to everyone who took part in Earth Hour 2009

On behalf of everyone at WWF, we'd like to say a big, big THANK YOU to all who took part in Earth Hour 2009. Because of you it was the biggest Earth Hour ever. You were joined by millions of others in almost 4000 towns and cities across 88 countries. People who switched off their lights and demonstrated their concern at how our climate is changing.

It was an amazing night. We couldn't have done it without you

How did we go?

  • Around 55% (309) of Australia’s local councils committed to Earth Hour
  • All Australian capital cities participated in Earth Hour.
  • 99 of the ASX100 companies registered their participation
  • Australia’s major icons switched off: the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (Sydney), St Kilda’s Luna Park and Flinders Street Station (Melbourne), Story Bridge (Brisbane), Parliament House (Canberra), Subiaco Oval (Perth), Rundle Mall Lantern (Adelaide).

Here are a few amazing statistics of Earth Hour 2009 globally

  • 3929 cities, towns and municipalities in 88 countries across 25 time zones participated
  • 70 national capital city’s participated
  • Some 996 global landmarks from mountains to historic buildings and modern architectural landmarks had officially registered to participate in the event. They include: the Pyramids and the Sphinx (Egypt), Eiffel Tower (France), Vatican (Italy), Acropolis (Greece), Big Ben (UK), the Las Vegas Strip and Empire State Building (USA), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Bird’s Nest (China) and the Petronas Twin Towers (Malaysia).

Again a big thank you to everyone! However our work isn’t done yet. Stay tuned on twitter on what else we can do against the battle on climate change.

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