Elka Graham dives into her next challenge

Elka WhalanDespite recently marrying water polo champion, Thomas Whalan, and moving to Italy, WWF-Australia Ambassador, Elka Whalan (formerly Elka Graham) is still very committed to contributing to Australian environmental issues. The former Olympic swimmer has taken up the challenge of measuring her environmental footprint by using WWF's footprint calculator. And what a shock she received! You can read about her results on our blog, and what steps she is taking over the next several weeks leading up to Earth Hour to help reduce her impact.

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How to take action

  1. Vote for the Earth by turning off your lights during Earth Hour, 8.30PM Saturday 28 March 2009
  2. Australia led the world with Earth Hour, we need to be a world leader again in Copenhagen
  3. The Rudd Government is giving too much compensation to big polluters and is not investing enough in clean energy. Show your support for clean energy by purchasing 100% accredited GreenPower
  4. We need your help to transform Australia. Donate to WWF. Your financial support is a vote for earth.
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