Mar 11: Redlands City Council events for Earth Hour

Redlands City Council has proven leadership in overall energy reductions in regions across Australia, with one of the highest reductions in South East Queensland of dropping 14%. Redlands City Council are also showing their dedication to their environmental priorities by hosting a variety of activities surrounding their participation in Earth Hour 2009.

To encourage greater implementation of energy sustainability practices within households, 'Energy Sustainability in your Home' workshops are being conducted by Trevor Berrill, who is a Sustainable Energy Consultant and Educator. These workshops are being held surrounding the dates of Earth Hour 2009 on March 28th.

Through participating in Earth Hour 2009, Redland City Council are demonstrating to their community how technical solutions can be incorporated, as well as providing a greater variety of choices for residents to base their decisions and daily practices in reducing household energy consumption.

A variety of activities to engage the community such as the Earth Hour Community Dinner at IndigiScapes and the Canapes by Candlelight at Hogan's Wellington Point are also hosted by the Redlands City Council. This can be viewed on their website at

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