Apr 3: Striving towards zero emissions

Toyota is driven by a dream: to produce a vehicle that can drive around the entire earth on a single tank of petrol; a vehicle that makes the air cleaner the more you drive it; a safe vehicle that doesn't cause accidents or harm people in any way; a vehicle that actually improves your health.

This seems an impossible dream based on current thinking, but that is just the point.

Sustainability will not be achieved by current thinking - only by imagination and innovation.

Toyota is committed to contributing to the realisation of a prosperous, low-carbon society as soon as possible - a society where economic development and environmental protection are made compatible with each other.

Toyota is responding through its research and development, manufacturing processes and social contributions.

We understand that, without a focus on measures to address global warming and energy-related issues, there can be no future for motor vehicles. Technological innovations are required to reduce the footprint of our products and the processes that create them. By combining the power of people and technology, Toyota believes the dream vehicle can become a reality.

Toyota - a proud supporter of Earth Hour

The Toyota FT-HS hybrid concept car - exhilarating to drive with impressive fuel efficiency and low emissions.

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