Mar 28: Elka's blog - green changes

Its been 6 weeks since my first blog & since taking the foot print
calculator test, & I can honestly say, I am seeing differences.
Where I would not normally even think of how may plastic water bottles
I was going through a day I have replaced this with glasses of water &
using a drink bottle that I can refill.
It is saving me so much more time instead of going down to the
recycling bin and cluttering it up with the 3-4litres of plastic bottles
I drink daily ( I love water).

My husband & I are using environmentally green shopping bags & I am
doing the washing up twice daily as opposed to 4 little washes
throughout breakfast to lunch.

Whilst this all may read like subtle changes its making a difference,
and for that I am proud to know we are dong our bit.

I am seeing some great publicity surrounding Earth Hour with use of
well known Aussie icons in both print, TV, media & word of mouth and I
just love that. I love being involved in such a worthwhile campaign that
will continue to raise awareness for the ongoing future

I am walking everywhere and & when I want a change I am using my bike
Thomas bought me & recently we have been strolling down to the local
cafe for our coffee instead of driving.

Not long til Earth hour now March 28th!!!!, so wouldn't it be great for
you to really be involved so when the day arrives you know you have done
your bit in the lead up??
Think about it and act on it. Be that better person. One small subtle
change is what I am challenging you to this week.

Stay energized & fresh in the right way

Elka Whalan

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