Mar 19: ACT Commissioner for Environment says Earth Hour Should be just the start

ACT Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainability, Dr Maxine Cooper, said tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of our planet’s biggest challenges, and that we can all play a role by participating in Earth Hour on Saturday 28 March.

“Switching our lights off at 8.30pm for one hour is a step in the right direction,” said Dr Cooper, “and one that I hope will become a regular habit for many people. As we all switch off, my hope is that mental light bulbs will go on at the same time, and individuals realise that simple measures such as this can produce a massive collective achievement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Last year, the Canberra community achieved an impressive 11.4 per cent drop in electricity usage, which represents a reduction of 36 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – the equivalent of taking 8.4 cars off the road for an entire year.

“We all know that the earth is suffering because of climate change. Recent steps towards a national emissions trading scheme show that we are heading in the right direction, but this is not enough. We must all play our part, and participating in Earth Hour is a good start.

“Earth Hour is a largely symbolic event, demonstrating that as a global community we’re serious about climate change. With our State of the Environment Report showing we have the highest per person greenhouse gas emissions from residential electricity use, it’s a great opportunity to make a personal and ongoing commitment to the planet,” Dr Cooper said.

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