Mar 10: Get an energy assessment, win a scooter!

Brisbane City Council is again getting behind Earth Hour in a big way. Not only is the Council a sponsor of Earth Hour in Brisbane, it is running competitions for Brisbane residents to encourage them to take part in Earth Hour and help them reduce their carbon footprints - all part of making Brisbane a cleaner, greener, city!

Individual residents can win an electric scooter, while businesses can go in the running to receive an energy assessment to help them identify how they can save energy - and money. For more details visit the Brisbane City Council's Green Heart CitySmart website.

And to help Brisbane residents who are looking for an Earth Hour themed dining experience on the night, Brisbane City Council's Green Heart CitySmart website will have a list of restaurants that are having special events during Earth Hour.

More information, and to the other ways that Brisbane City Council is working to help residents and businesses save energy, are on the Council's Green Heart CitySmart website.

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