Feb 20: Elka's blog: Footprint Calculator

elka.jpgI was nervous and excited to take the footprint calculator test, after all, I recycle, I walk & ride a lot, so I thought I would be pleased. It takes around 15minutes if you do the detail version of it, (which I highly suggest all to do). It was so much fun and it covered everything from your car fuel, to electricity in the house & what foods you eat. It made me think so much of the worlds resources as I was taking it, even before the results came out.

My score revealed that 3.9 planet earths are needed for me to provide enough resource, that was huge shock, as it was to my husband as well. I re did the test again to make sure I had not made an error and the same score came back. CRUNCH. I felt in disbelief but also challenged to know as of this moment I can start making a difference.

My first test will be to eat less poultry, I love chicken & turkey and eat it nearly everyday, its lean in fat & great protein, but I can also get that from avocados, seeds, nuts and fruit.

I'm also going to have my family & friends take the test, its a good way to measure up against and all work together.

Better get to it.

Stay fresh, stay energized in the right way.


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