Mar 23: ACT Commissioner for OH&S says stay safe for Earth Hour

ACT Commissioner for Occupational Health and Safety, Mark McCabe today encouraged businesses and residents to support Earth Hour and encouraged Canberrans to take care during lights off.

Earth Hour is 8:30 – 9:30pm Saturday 28 March 2009.

“Earth Hour is a great opportunity for our community to join together for an hour without power, showing our united support for action on climate change,” Mr McCabe said.

“It is very important however, that businesses and residents maintain a strong focus on safety. As in previous years, during Earth Hour many homes and restaurants are intending to light candles. This has been done very successfully in the past and I encourage businesses and individuals to maintain a high level of safety when using candles.

“Candles should only be used under adult supervision and never left unattended. They should be kept away from children and pets at all times and removed from the vicinity of any flammable objects. People should also ensure that they extinguish candles before going to bed.

“Earth Hour should be a safe and enjoyable event. Only non-essential lights should be turned off and businesses and individuals are strongly advised not to turn out lights that would in any way compromise personal or public safety.

“By registering at and turning off non-essential lights and appliances on 28 March, we are demonstrating that as a community we are willing to make small changes in our day-to-day life that will make a difference to our environment,” Mr McCabe said.

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