Feb 18: Augie March support Earth Hour

In 2008, a well known Melbourne-based band was enjoying its greatest chart success in its 12 year history, with a spellbinding track called One Crowded Hour. Despite the song's commercial success, the band generously gave WWF-Australia permission to use it for a television commercial starring former athlete Cathy Freeman. The song was such a good fit that Augie March also allowed WWF to use the track as the official song of Earth Hour, to promote the campaign globally.

Now, with the help of "One Crowded Hour" by Augie March, over 273 countries have already agreed to switch off their lights for one hour on March 28th at 8:30pm.

Apart from allowing WWF to use one of Australian music's most popular recent songs, the five member band has also agreed to support WWF this year by launching Earth Hour in Melbourne at a concert in Federation Square. Augie March will take to the Federation Square stage at 8:30pm to treat an audience of up to 10,000 people to a live version of "One Crowded Hour".

"We don't allow our songs to be used to sell products, but we are very proud to be associated with Earth Hour and for One Crowded Hour to be helping in some small way to further this most vital cause", said Augie March.

As a further demonstration of their support for this worthy cause, the band has decided to forgo motor transport from Federation Square to their next engagement. Instead, all five will be using pedal power as they cycle their way across the city to another performance.

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